Happiness is the home

Hurt. Pain.
Ephemeral as the dewdrops
Transient and fleeting like a rainbow
It shall end

Because, happiness is the home
Forth it marches
Like a river into the sea
At core, happiness is the way

Don’t self-castigate.
Learn and love
For love starts in self
Like a flower blooms
And spreads its beauty

Pain shall end. Love shall blossom.

Learn to recognize that pains are necessary part of life. Accept. Move on. Life exist, not in sinking with the pains but swimming to the other side, despite it.

The pain

I smile
But pain is palpable
Tears, I don’t shed
Yet, I cry thousand tears
Wounding my heart
Crushing my soul
River of sadness
Through empty vales and plains

Spread love

Don’t hate, for hatred spreads malice,
Love, because it’s in your nature,
Be the harbinger of love and kindness,
For kindness cost us naught,
But bring, limitless joy and peace.

To love is our nature,
Love nourishes and nurture,
Bends and mends,
Broken hearts and broken souls,
Be the joy, rejoice in sharing love,
Love, mend wounds, spread wings.

Spread a little love,
Because I need it, we all do,
Let us travel thousand miles,
Beyond the horizons,
Hand in hand,
Mending broken hearts,
And being the hope,
Bringing joy and happiness.

A little love can travel thousand miles.


Tender dreams, let’s nurture
Let’s make it our nature
For those dreams will be our future.

Small dreams, big dreams and stature,
What a humankind wants is another matter.

But I dream to be kind
For kindness and love, humanity bind
I beseech thee, is love not the answer?

I dream to love and be
For love is the ambrosia
Healing wounds and mending hearts


I shall not seek to justify
The wrath that found my heart
Let it flow and hurt
As I ruminate, it shall magnify 
Let it go
Like the swirling dust of a ghastly wind
Let it float through the endless sky
Perchance the wind settles
So shall the dust