A moment captured in a place.

Yearning  to learn, hopes were so filled high,

Every day was an experience he always learned,

Learning was fun, a joy he likes to try,

Every moment was joyous until he planned,

An adventurous journey to the outside world,

For he was unexposed but there was no fear,

In his eyes, as he always wanted to hold,

The opportunities that came to him very rare.

Sky was clear, it was 13th day of auspicious august,

Full of hope and excitement in his mind,

He started his journey out of gust,

Hoping to get a delight to find,

On his journey to pursue a greater knowledge,

From where he can fill his heart of wisdom pure,

Get an education that his society acknowledge,

Of pure diamond, the power he can earn for sure.

The journey was peaceful, with the serenity of the night,

From New Alipur Duar to Guwahati, on train,

Delighted was he, as he was on board first time, tight,

Against his excitement, train was delayed, by rain,

Hours so long but he hadn’t had any tension,

For he was sure to reach in the morning to catch,

flight, that would take him to his destination,

The destination of knowledge he wanted to fetch.

His flight was scheduled, to Imphal, Manipur,

A northeastern state, where his final destination laid,

It was to his utter surprise, that he was informed,

The then University; it is only a headquarter,

And had to take a flight to another state,

Where his college of veterinary is situated,

He was tired but had to force himself strong,

For his quest was incomplete, he booked another flight.

That day and previous night, he had nothing taken,

Hour by hour his hunger strike, only he can dream food,

Reaching CAU, he was offered tea,

And something to eat, thanks to the Registrar,

Who was in his middle ages but a gentleman,

Rendered him a room to sleep and place to eat,

Where a scientist made a dinner to toast a simple feast,

It was a most gratifying moment for him who cared.

For the next day, he had another flight to catch,

to go to another destination, his final destination.

So, he caught  a flight from Imphal to Aizawl,

Where he was received by a caring driver,

Of his college, thanks to the Dean,

And he reaches his final destination,

where he regained his normalcy,

From the plight, he had been through.

The warmth he received and the care he got,

He would remember and cherish in life through,

The humane value of those who showed him well,

Taught him a lesson to learn and a tale to tell,

A love to share and kindness to care,

In this world, of his day to day-long strive,

All are appreciated for he is finally alive.


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