Vague destination


Sinuous I see, looking ahead,

No peace of mind, did I find,

With no guidance, I alone trot,

I know, nothing where it leads,

Then I shall walk, towards far horizon,

That seems very near yet very far,

I’m lost as the road winds,

To a distant vision so bleak.


Everything is blank with loopholes,

Destination, whatever it may be,

What it means I know not,

Downtrodden, I walk far east,

Like a lost fawn in the dense jungle,

Frightened of the immediate predator,

No acquaintances with no protector,

Shall this be my fate? Only god knows.


As the sun heads below the horizons,

Dawning the of rise of blue moon,

I see no peace but a misery ahead,

With unceasing sadness and loneliness,

Of this and that of earthly works,

Incredible why it befalls,

Soul of mine wonders to and fro,

Never finding a way to move through.


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