There are rays of hope,

A hope for change and hope to do,

Those things that you ever dreamed,

Passionately and persistently,

Putting it on high above,

The things that mattered,

Valued and inspired.


Dreaming, sky high,

Working, down to earth,

Lending a helping hand,

To those needy, a word of help,

Withdrawn and uncared,

Making the moments of life,

A reason to live and believe,

That we care, and show,

The humane value,

Of what, we are!


There will be no fears, no sadness;

Just dwell in your own world;

Untouched and unspoiled;

Beautiful, singing but the song,

Of love and life, livelihood,

Of brotherhood and sisterhood,

Hopes are filled high,

Only pure trust of love and life,

It’s an unending story of love,

Care and share to next generation,

Of we, the ultimate humanity,

Full of love and care and peace!



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