Bhutan and Gross National Happiness!

Bhutan (Druk yul), other wise called as “land of thunder dragon kingdom” is uniquely beautiful country in the heart of Himalayas sandwiched between the two giants of a nation in the world: Republic of India to the south and People’s Republic of China to the north.

When world turns on to materialistic advent of life, Bhutan, which was guided by then, the Fourth Druk Gyalpo (fourth king), Jigme Singye Wangchuk in keeping in view of the Buddhist spiritualism, he coined the term “Gross National Happiness” in 1972 as a developmental philosophy of Bhutan which says that the happiness and the spiritual well being of the people are more important than the materialistic gain which is now studied extensively at Centre of Bhutan Studies under the guidance of Dasho Karma Ura.

“Gross national happiness” is gaining international attention as it is based on the basic human needs. Many seminars based on it were conducted among the world scholars and academicians. It’s a total paradigm shift as a developmental philosophy of a nation, where the spiritual well being and happiness of the people are duly considered and quantifiable.

Happiness what every one craves for and it is our basic right. Having been said, Gross National Happiness is a holistic approach towards development, it not only aims for material development but also gives due importance to happiness and spiritual well being of the people. Therefore, Gross National Happiness has pillars to succeed like any other developmental philosophies and ideologies.

The followings are the four pillars of Gross National Happiness:

  • Sustainable and equitable socio-economic development
  • Conservation of environment
  • Preservation and promotion of culture
  • Promotion of good governance

It balances the materialistic need and non materialistic need of an individual and society. It’s a county’s development which sees the need of  economic growth as essential part, supporting the happiness and spiritual need of people, making a holistic approach towards development.

Gross National Happiness is More Important than Gross Domestic Product” as said by the Fourth King of Bhutan, who else believe that it’s true? Who thinks we should be ultimately guided by happiness?


2 thoughts on “Bhutan and Gross National Happiness!

  1. Eric Alagan says:

    Beautiful people and country. Would love to visit if I could.

    Jigme, thank you for subscribing. I notice some interesting posts here and shall return to trawl through them. Cheers, Eric

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