Would you love me?

Would you love me?

And care to be,

Still the same,

Calling me by name,

That’s sweetest ever.


Would you care still?

Those cries over distant trill,

Wiping away the lonely tear,

Breathing the lonely fear,

And feeling me the same.


Would you say, again?

That you feel the same,

Not having to bargain,

Like a sellers game,

Here and there,

Who do not care?


Would you try, again?

And feel me but my pain,

Of love lost and nothing gain,

Feelings shattered in chain,

Up until, if you care to join.


Would you love me?

Catch me by my hand,

And take me by your side,

Always keeping me beside,

Catch a good breath of warmth.


Would you whisper?

Like you always did,

Like goddess indeed,

Light of hope and love,

Of trust, and faith and love.


Would you care to talk?

Those lovely words,

Sweetness in love and life,

Vows and good promises,

Plans and dreams,

Bearing sweetness in itself,

Keeping awake in love and life!


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