Yesterday is all gone!

It’s all new. A new beginning, a new way to start. It’s another day,another chance to forget about the past and design a new future. To built truly, a new, truly our rewarding life! A life that we deserve unwaveringly.
It’s individual responsibility and believe that will create miracles in transforming everything that has been dragging us down. Life give us chance and we should take it and believe that we can do everything if we have the single courage to do it.

We are but most of the time unconcious of what we are doing. We just walk because we are taught to walk. We never learn to walk past our limitations. Never knowing, only limitations we have is our own limitation that we created subconciously or conciously. If we root out those believe system that is holding us back we can probably win and think out of the box. So, lets re-evaluate how many of us have a belief system that conciously hold onto larger picture of life, just to think big and grow.

We realise at some times that we are capable of doing great things but all we do is think. Thinking doesn’t help, only it helps when we put our thinking into venture, utility and work. We fail and we think that we are doomed and we fail to see any any larger picture of life, all we do is just blame on our luck. We have known all along that hard work pay us but every time we fail to work hard. It’s but hard truth.

We failed to recognise our own potentials. We see other successful and we wanted to be like them but who has those all qaulities that take one to be successful. Therefore, it’s high time that we forget about yesterday, plan about future and work hard to achieve it!


3 thoughts on “Yesterday is all gone!

  1. Sajeevs blog says:

    Comparing and contrasting is the primary cause of many of our problems. Once we realise that we are unique and our only benchmark should be ourselves then we realise life is a lot more fun:)

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