I will sing for you!

I will sing for thee: sweetest song ever,

Every moment like a master piece,

Lost in wonders; just you and me,

 Singing  love songs and wonders to be,

As in paradise, lost in a moment of bliss.

Songs were sung, but yet you were gone,

Never to return, not a hint of love shown,

Gone with the winds like they say,

Not a chance, you didn’t stay,

Free bird, you simply flew away.

I’m in daze, putting my gaze,

On those walls of dreams; thoughts linger,

Shattered; fragile as the thinnest glass,

Taken away, the dreams together,

Taken aback, I just back away.

Now I say, “I sang for you”

The sweetest song ever,

For your heart so pure,

Showered with the clear gift of love,

Divine like the angels above,

Glimpse of love like a shining star,

And I still sing, the sweetest song ever,

“Just for you!” 

The song of love and the unknown life!


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