No boundaries!

If it was to be all love;

There wouldn’t have been a boundary.

No social cast. No race to be worried,

The sets in your heart, all pure,

Like a pure crystal glass,

All at peace, hymn a song,

Those of love and life,

True, filled with compassion,

No pity sorrows,

No tears, just filled with laughter,

Neighbours dwell like your brother,

Shared all the things with love,

Dreams all fulfilled,

Wishes all true,

Wouldn’t it be nice place to live?

Just “no boundaries”.


4 thoughts on “No boundaries!

  1. Usha Dawn says:

    Beautiful thoughts in the form of poetry indeed 🙂 Loved it. I believe that boundaries are within us… if we get that out then it is indeed a beautiful place to live in as you will enjoy this present world too 🙂
    Well written

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