To my living god: my parents!

To my living god: my parents,

Will hold, thou heart close to mine,

In my living dreams and unknown quest,

Through the aisle of life and daring dreams,

Imprinting fond memories, that’s so divine,

You dwell in my heart, in unknown thirst.


Through the darkness of pain, and hard earned penny,

Nurtured the world in me, that I can walk along,

Seeing the unseen; the world around me with no agony,

No matter what it had been, for them so long?

Letting me rise above the clouds and see the sky!

Stand on my feet: be able to fly.


When the world would close its door around me,

You fondly open the door of your heart,

Showered with love, an understanding care,

Never did complain, just fondly nurture,

Edifice those character in me like a treasure.


You have a home in my heart,

With all virtues of love and wonders,

Like those of angels and almighty lord,

Never letting go as precious as ever!


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