Through the eyes of a student: tribute to my teachers!

As Bhutan Celebrates it’s nationwide “Teachers day”  on May 2nd, I just thought I would pay my respect to my beloved teachers who had been always with me guiding and showing the path, in my own way. I know,  merely words are not enough but from the depth of my heart I would like to thank every teacher who had been source of inspiration, toiled their days of teaching, teaching us the values of life and making us believe in ourselves. You were like the “one”shining star to guide us always. You never did complain to make us a better human being. Thank you, teachers!~ for believing in us. ~For Believing in me!


Transforming lives! You toiled your day,

Hardships faced, you made our way,

Through the fog, through the thin air,

Transformed, yet through my own lair,

To drink the ale, to our sweetest sore,

Set afire, the fire within.


You instilled the hopes,

Little fire, that set ablaze,

The lights on our  own path,

Darkness swept, wrote the story,

Of our own, yet with the supreme guide,

Of  you, with the unfading light.


Like a friend you were, tune in us,

Song of success and the life of that begets,

Love bestowed and guidance showered,

Besides the homework, there you gave,

Something to take home,

Home, now I built on the foundation you raised!


Eternal influence, your name resonates in our success,

Indebted we are, for our teachers, for us who lives,

Teaching and toiling their day, making our lives better,

As to triumph our success as one of their own,

We are their mirrors of image, that are seen,

Those rippling affects says you groomed us so well.


Thus, I pay my homage and sing to thee the hymn,

Of love and art you showered,

To my teachers, who dreamed but with me,

Joy of life and the success that behold,

Yonder here we go to far horizon,

Yet imprinting your names in gold,

The paths you shown and lights you rendered!

*********************HAPPY TEACHERS DAY, MY BELOVED TEACHERS, YOU INSPIRE ME ALWAYS*************************


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