I see her cry!

  1. I see her cry,

    Groggily hiding her tears,

    Taken what was, once for her,

    Laughter and her only smile.


    She is dazed,

    Like a thunderstorm strike,

    Way the whole world twist,

    Grotesque, how cruel it is,

    She wearily sighs!


    She says, “It’s strange”,

    Yet for the short recess,

    She struggles to live,

    Just like nothing happened,

    Sail with the wind.


    She wonders “what a world?”

    Just like a living hell,

    Tired of rudeness of the abode,

    Believes one may understand,

    Yet miracles are not meant to happen.


    Thought lingers and begets torture,

    The mind-set becomes blue,

    Feels dejected, just going wry,

    No laughter; not in the room,

    Just buzz of blues, cries of pain.


    Yet nothing can change,

    For she had had the foundation raised,

    Of pure love and compassion,

    Always in the path of kindness.








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