Knowing one self!

How many of us has known ourselves better? Are we shouldering our own responsibilities? Are we becoming complacent day by day? Are we asking ourselves the reasons to be alive? Are we thankful for what we have? If only and if we knew ourselves better wouldn’t be incredibly beautiful?  Henceforth, may be should take ourselves little seriously. To think better and grow beyond the realm of mundane thinking.

To exactly know and feel what exactly we are. Lets go out and stand among the crowd. We may get bruises of life but if you don’t know what exist beyond the four walls of living room, then what is the use of living.. It’s not a difficult job, but let us not be the one, ridiculously living in your own shadows. We are better than that! What we are capable of and capable of doing anything (meaning everything you have ever dreamed of!). Seems exciting! So how about asking yourself who really you are? It seems that we are always running away, fleeting fast, away and away from true self. Managing to know oneself better, is always a rewarding exercise.

It’s usual  for us to relate to past and move on but most of us mourn and cry over the spilled milk. We never let go. We grasp it and we hold on to it emotionally, mentally and physically. And we are frustrated about whole system of life and never do realize that we are the culprit of sabotaging our own happiness. The linkage to happiness is literally broken when we fuss around own unsuccessful past. So let us forget whatever the mistakes, terrible ones we have made and move on. Letting go and moving is the biggest thing that we will ever have to do. Rest, the world favors our own way.Go out and get ready to live a new challenge. It’s our life, no one has to sabotage. Be happy, live your life!

Let us go outside and feel the warmth of life and feel the chill of the cool breeze sending through our brain! Lets believe in something that will bring miracles. Surely, if we truly believe in ourselves, your consciousness and work towards it, nothing possibly in the world can stop you. That’s the universal truth! We are the masters of our own sail. If we sail along the wind or against is up to us, as long as we don’t give up and press on.

**********”THINK AND GROW RICH”-Napoleon Hill**************

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” Napoleon Hill.


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