Perturbed life!

Dare we dream, and the path we drew,

In our teens, a choice to make, having to stew,

Drinking life’s ale in gallons brew,

Our world around strangely new,

Opportunities scarce as if a morning dew,

Time test, voyage of dreams, vanishes, in lieu.

It’s bizarre, a life and path then we set,

To a distant vision, where life, we shall beget,

Hopes flared up, to dreams that shall let,

Flowers to blossom, letting thorns to a bed,

Feast of joy and a banquet, like it’s winning to a bet,

Surge of fulfilment and triumphs to, that led.

Dreary and we shall dread “so called” future,

Hopes are masked, life joins another venture,

Futilities break us down, setting into austere,

Per no counsel, nothing could nurture,

So lame, besmirched forever for a torture,

Life takes a turn, gets nothing for a closure.

Frustrated dreams and destination clouded,

In bewilderment we find no clues; obscured,

Can’t comprehend the situation that ensued,

Sheer desperation; life has got us choked,

Shattered dreams and untold dismay, life smashed,

How lives twist? Perturbed isn’t? We are!


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