Won’t let you go!

I pretend, like nothing happened,

Yet you, I can’t forget,

I play dumb, but yet you come,

Walking the aisle of love,

Here I stand and still think,

Dazzled but you,

Clearly dear,


Beyond  the reach of my heart.


There was no magic,

But you left me thrilled,

Stealing that all I have,

Heart, breathing like nuts,

Tried to grasp the moment,

Yet seal of love is breaking,

Losing momentum,

As you gain yours,

I stand still,

Thinking, like a stubborn fool.


If I lose you,

There won’t be, a glimmer of hope,

Trust broken, love lost,

Falling down, like in the abyss, 

Darkness of cruelty, yet no one pity,

As you walk towards destiny,

I will regret the history.


I will cry but only lonely tears,

You will go but I will hide there in shadows,

Behind those clouds of sadness,

You will never hear, but you may feel,

Right through the darkness of my living,

When light showers you with happiness,

You will leave me here,

With no fear. 


I may cry loud for your return,

Yet that would be a dream,

There you hold, a handsome hand,


Hand in hand, with the one you love,

I will be here,

Watching you disappear, 

Just the way you wish,

Sitting in tears,

Wishing just, but your only return!



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