I’m lost!

Here I come, setting forth,

To my extraordinary being,

Leaving the dark realm,

Once that in  I resided,  and lost,

Dreams shattered, haunted,

Memories filled, but with pain,

Getting up, left me wonder,

“what’s gonna be?”

I stare out through the window,

Seeing the light, come,

Feeling the warmed, quenching my thirst,

I dared the ghost, that haunted me since,

Cruelty of my unconscious being,

Crawling like a beast,

Clinging, scratching my heart, bit by bit,

It pains, beating about to cease,

Losing control, I’m falling down,

Deep down, mind crippled,

Mind rooted out, I’m no more me,

But a beast, I think,

Then I rose, above me,

My unconscious being,

That ever taunted me,

Never allowed to think,

Conscious and full,

Made me mad, and fool,

I never saw the light,

It was there yet occluded me,

Giving me no choice,

But having me wonder,

In darkness so deep,

No peace. The songs are melancholic!

Here again I’m just lost!



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