A letter to a friend!


I am but a human being. And I understand that. I have my short comings and you have yours. But I don’t care to judge. You care for me as I friend, that’s all I have learn to care. And I respect that fact, invariably. I’ve learned something so as to value, so called friendship. And it doesn’t matter, whether you laugh only with others or you walk away because my conviction says you will be always there for me. But you have to understand sometimes that somebody expects more from you because you mean something to them. Such one is Rinchen*. She is emotional, impulsive and she cares. I know you are just opposite but sometimes you should make up to them.

I say this because sometimes we overlook the obvious.

But you don’t worry about me. I’m your friend and I think you deserve much more a nicer friend than me.  You know I’ma bundle of problem myself and I tend to feel that is true and I can’t possibly judge anyone though sometimes I say some stupid things. And I don’t mean anything by that.

Life, hmmm…You know it’s too short to make so many problems but I know you don’t mean to hurt but it happens. We are not perfect!

I’m but a poor fellow here. Don’t know, why I came here but sometimes I thank god for giving such a wonderful friends. To laugh and joke. But sometimes jokes are not always joke you know.

I’ve learn to live with what I’m and no one can change that but there are better things to change for than to live with those that gives you instant pain.

I cry, I laugh and I smile. It’s all natural process for me and for you. But sometimes, smiles doesn’t tell you everything about a person. If you care to dig into someone’s life. You will find the hole, the deep message within. Ultimately, what I tend to conclude is,there is no such place is that or this. Its constantly evolving or changing but only remaining fact is I tend to forget where I belong to: A pathetic man who doesn’t know his pathetic problems.

You are my friend and will be, no one can change that fact, if we care to keep it alive!


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