Name and fame!

I wrote down my name,
On the white paper in my hand,
Imagine, what will be of my fame,
So in my life to the very end.

Will it be, a power that I shall hold,
Or little help that I shall render,
To the needy and poor household,
Of those things, every day I ponder.

Shall this matter, when fame,
Means nothing to my name,
When world comes to breaking halt,
And ice cold heart of mine melt!

Yet I decide, I shall be,
A human in every bit of me,
Lending a hand, care, and share,
The things and responsibility I can bear,
One life, and no more,
I shall be, what I do best,
To do and live, abide by rule of nature,
Nurture the sentiments of humanity,
Live and dare,
To do those things I care.


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