True Heart

True Heart,
She calls her herself,
Overjoyed with a feeling,
With the touch of her words,
My heart was throbbing,
With a life again.

She was an angel with a charm,
My heart longed, just to get a glimpse,
And again to see her,
Of that warm face, glowing,
In the face of moonlit night.

True heart, with the faith that rings the bell,
Was true indeed, a chum of a character,
I don’t judge her, yet it was my heart,
That fails to reason and mend,
Tried to forget the tingling feelings,
It was a fling, a distant one but yet,
But our talks grew louder, and we grew more closer,
Shared our best sentiments towards one another,
Once we met, she just ran, as far as she could,
Like a ghost I was forgotten,
There was no feeling to share,
Lied and cheated, betrayed and beaten,
Heartbroken,and twisted,
Awaited calls, from the dear who promised,
A lifelong companionship and love,
With all trust, came from far and wide,
Just to meet and be, happy and worthy,
To start and be, another man of my being,
To start anew, forget the past and visit the future,
But alas, there was no future,
No calls, no message, nothing,
Except the emptiness that haunted me,
Angry and lost, felt stupid and stunned,
Embarrassed and abandoned,
No explanation, nothing seems to work,
Days passed, just waiting,
And there was no call,
Waiting but wasting,
This heart didn’t listen,
Yet when someone test your patience, lumps grow in your throat.

In utter silence, I hoped it never happened!


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