Inspiration- need of the moment!

I’ve been trying to get inspired. Feel motivated but all I do sit idle, thoughts jammed with unnecessarily groggy things. One thing let to another and the list goes on. I have been trying to organize things and write but all I have been doing is thinking. And bitter realization is “your thoughts when not put into action doesn’t yield a significant result.” By the way, not a thing.

So today, I thought I will just share whatever comes to my mind just for the sake of sharing. It’s bizarre I know, but bear with me for I have been not writing since long. 🙂

I guess for a person to write we need constant inspiration, willingness to write and overall we need motivation. As much as I understand to seek and feel motivated, I feel sometimes things doesn’t fall into line.

But have to rejuvenate myself. I have learn to love writing and I’m never going to stop it. And I thank you readers for your constant support and patience. I would love to hear your advice. Please feel free to comment ! Thank you all in advance!


2 thoughts on “Inspiration- need of the moment!

  1. Narayani L Guibarra (dharma name - Jigme Tenzin) says:

    The practice of writing can be a meditation in itself. Morning pages (as described by Dorothea Brande) in particular (where you write on waking, rapidly and uncritically) can help clear the dross in the mind to reveal the channel that receives and inspiration and ideas and allows the creative energy to flow. When you feel stuck, write about that. Don’t worry, just write. As Sogyal Rinpoche says – “…thoughts are like the wind, they come and go. The secret is not to “think” about thoughts, but allow them to flow through the mind, while keeping your mind free of afterthoughts.”

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