Lone night!

I lie here alone, awake by the night,
Gaze upon stars under the cover of darkness,
Lone hearted, chills run down the spines, uptight,
No lame excuses, I’m lost in the tantalizing consciousness.

Luminous, star studded night, heartwarming,
I dream to surpass the limits and be among many,
Feelings of euphoria, and brainstorming,
I look up, raised my hand & deny.

Sleep lost, I stared, thinking I was conscious,
But like an epiphany, there was no vicissitude,
I lay there, furious, the world so curious,
As if to say circumstances leave no certitude.

“The world owes you nothing”
Echoes through the veins of my heart,
Everything you owe to yourself, everything,
Your destiny is yours to make, don’t get hurt.
Yours alone. An “aha” moment!


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