My mother!

My mother is a wonderful woman. You would like her. You will see her always beaming with unmistakable radiance of guidance, care and love. Her kindness is deeply rooted in her action. She is the angel, I’m bestowed with. I wanna tell her how lucky I’m to be born her son. Your life is a constant reminder of how a mother sacrifice her life for the benefit of her children. Never hurting and never complaining, only giving love and tender heart of yours to those around.

I hear your cries of pain and suffering. But yet you carry the burden inside you without a second thought. A compassionate human being with immense strength, your love showers me the truth, and a telling heart that never means to hurt.

You have permanently gained space in my heart, you are too gentle, too loving a human on earth, sometimes I feel how much a person can give and never receive? You are the goddess I pray to every day. If god is alive, you are unmistakably the goddess for me.

Mothers day, as everybody remembers it, I would to like wish her a warm and happy mothers day. You had protected, loved and cared more than anyone else. You have been always on a giving end. You have my unending love and respect. I love you mom. Yours always, son!

But you see, my mother doesn’t read, she has never been to school like most modern mothers did. I want the world to know her through me, for she is the world to me!


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