Our thoughts and desires: just random

We desire and want things for ourselves. We do things for our own selfish reasons. We commit sins day in, day out and we become ruthless in protecting what is ours. If it isn’t right we find reasons to defend it. It hurts our ego.

In a lifelong marathon of trivial pursuit, seeking wealth and fame, we delve deeper into material gains and how so to glean in more and more to ourselves. We hardly have time to introspect our thoughts, bad or good we keep clutching onto it, replaying again and again until it manifest itself.

Thoughts, experts, say are things. They have energy which manifest itself whether good or bad according to your culminating thoughts. In here, laws of attraction comes into play. It isn’t like magnet pole where opposite attracts opposite instead positive thoughts manifest positive results.

So, it is good time to reaffirm ourselves to do good things. Think positive. Cultivate some virtues. And more importantly to do things that will help others: not for our own selfish reasons. Help and share our love to those poor and less fortunate than us.

Time and again we are reminded of impermanence and we have been taught the essentials of life, a good life, but we are human. We have our imperfections but we can try to be more nicer, more better than yesterday. Real meaning of life comes from sharing your love, kindness and care.

We are all unique, lets contribute to our society in our own small way, however minute may be if we could bring little smile on the less fortunate ones it’s leap forward for a better future.

Life is good when we care. Lets care and usher to be a better self than our previous self. Lets be more humane. Life will become lot easier and peaceful. And lets keep our face radiant with our beautiful smiles. It doesn’t a cost a penny.


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