Youths are the solution: Bhutan needs to rethink its policies

Youths are the solution, not the problem. It’s interesting to note that youths are seen as the future of the country as well as a problem creator. Former boost the morale of the youth but the later downgrades any credibility youths have. The unemployment problem and consequences thereof have been deterring the active participation of youth in decision-making and planning. It has dissuaded and made the youth reckless, making them vulnerable and susceptible to peer pressure. These usually leads juvenile delinquencies, drug problems and other youth related crimes. While we pride ourselves saying that Bhutan is a nation advocating gross national happiness as the principal developmental goal with the aim of increasing happiness and spiritual wellbeing of its people. But the truth is farfetched and incredulous.

The recent news giving the police the ultimate authority to frisk youth if found suspicious is under no circumstance acceptable. The youths err in various sphere of life. It’s true. Everyone starts pointing fingers. But nobody is even seeing the perspective of that helpless youth. Most youths who are committing such crimes are reportedly said that they come from a troubled family. But did the government gave them enough support. Without support and care, they have less hope.

People are mostly supercilious and adamant to give the necessary support. Our society fails to see the need to support the youths. Young boys and girls are supposed to study and get the a job, settle down. But it isn’t the case now. Government are failing to create sufficient jobs. Youths are given false hope. The requirement of teachers in the government school was so less. The trainee were informed that shouldn’t expect the job as they complete their training. But while they joined the college, it was their hope that will get the job as soon as they pass out. Who do we blame? Isn’t that a crime to give them false security?

How do we tackle this problems facing our youths today? It won’t be solved within a year. It needs due diligence and consideration while planning and implementing the plans. We need to foresee the changes we are going to have. Long term goals shouldn’t rest on the whims and fancy of our political leaders. We need youths in decision-making bodies. Given the chance I am sure the youth will perform their job well.

If we frisk them, we further alienate them. How do we tackle the youth problem? Frisking youth won’t help.


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