Through the eyes of a student: tribute to my teachers!

As Bhutan Celebrates it's nationwide "Teachers day"  on May 2nd, I just thought I would pay my respect to my beloved teachers who had been always with me guiding and showing the path, in my own way. I know,  merely words are not enough but from the depth of my heart I would like to … Continue reading Through the eyes of a student: tribute to my teachers!


It’s Bizarre!

Here again goes, Like a talk everybody does, Talking and stalking: foes, Taking a stride, there again goes.   Isn't it strange, so bizarre, How things are: getting condemned, Reasons that can't articulate, so rare, As if you are forever doomed.   We scream to the mistake, Done but by others, Failed to notice, what we couldn't … Continue reading It’s Bizarre!

Days gone!

"Beautiful" is only I could say, "Will cherish" is only I can tell, But I can never yell, To bring back the tales, Of beautiful things so well, Nursery rhymes to the bruises few!   The "Days gone" but memories hunt, Like a ghost hovering over, Days and nights never letting go, But isn't it beautiful, to … Continue reading Days gone!