It’s Bizarre!

Here again goes,

Like a talk everybody does,

Talking and stalking: foes,

Taking a stride, there again goes.


Isn’t it strange, so bizarre,

How things are: getting condemned,

Reasons that can’t articulate, so rare,

As if you are forever doomed.


We scream to the mistake,

Done but by others,

Failed to notice, what we couldn’t partake,

The bigger thing than the soft feathers.


Yet we go on, reasoning silly,

Pretend things done are always right,

Failing to look back, things bigger: lovely,

Yearning but only things concerning;

That’s so big “I”.







To my living god: my parents!

To my living god: my parents,

Will hold, thou heart close to mine,

In my living dreams and unknown quest,

Through the aisle of life and daring dreams,

Imprinting fond memories, that’s so divine,

You dwell in my heart, in unknown thirst.


Through the darkness of pain, and hard earned penny,

Nurtured the world in me, that I can walk along,

Seeing the unseen; the world around me with no agony,

No matter what it had been, for them so long?

Letting me rise above the clouds and see the sky!

Stand on my feet: be able to fly.


When the world would close its door around me,

You fondly open the door of your heart,

Showered with love, an understanding care,

Never did complain, just fondly nurture,

Edifice those character in me like a treasure.


You have a home in my heart,

With all virtues of love and wonders,

Like those of angels and almighty lord,

Never letting go as precious as ever!

I will sing for you!

I will sing for you the sweetest song ever

I will sing for thee, the sweetest song ever,

Every moment like a master piece,

Lost in wonders; just you and me,

 Singing  love songs; of those wonders be,

Like a paradise, lost in bliss.

Songs were sung yet you were gone,

Never to return, not a hint of love shown,

“Gone with the winds” like they say,

Not a chance, you didn’t stay,

Free bird, you simply flew away.

I’m in daze, putting my gaze,

On those walls of dreams; thoughts linger,

Shattered; fragile as the thinnest glass,

Taken away, the dreams together,

Taken aback, I just back away.

Now I say, “I sang for you”

The sweetest song ever,

For your heart so pure,

Showered with the gift of love,

Divine like the angels above,

Glimpse of love like a shining star,

And I still sing, the sweetest song ever,

“Just for you!” 

Mundane thoughts!

I grasp hold, and desire more,

The very thing, I don’t bore,

If I have, I never care,

What a world? “isn’t fair!”


It clouds me, the thoughts flare,

Want to fly, up in the sky,

May be who would say, “I dare”

And be there high!


Looks down, you are plunged in,

Before you ever begin,

One step ahead, they say,

But if only I start on a day called “one day.”


Mundane, thoughts, it swells me,

Breaks me down, whatsoever be,

Eats me up, tearing apart,

The very own, intuition part!

Days gone!

“Beautiful” is only I could say,

“Will cherish” is only I can tell,

But I can never yell,

To bring back the tales,

Of beautiful things so well,

Nursery rhymes to the bruises few!


The “Days gone” but memories hunt,

Like a ghost hovering over,

Days and nights never letting go,

But isn’t it beautiful, to melt,

Just in your thoughts,

Letting memories sweep in!








There is a place called “Home”

There is a place called “home,”

Over those valleys and hills,

Over the lush green mountains,

Beautiful river, that flows beneath,

Far away but unceasingly near,

Keeping in need, my heart so dear.


There is a place called “home,”

Where my parents live,

And my neighbours dwell,

With laughter unforgettable,

And memories unshakable,

With true waves of love and care.


There is a place called “home,”

Where children sing and hymn,

Tune of spring and the school rhyme,

Toils of day and farmers way,

Happiness, and peace on another day,

All odds driven out, needless to say.


There is a place called “home,”

Where children’s play whole day long,

Finding a path that will lead them along,

A place to build, a place to feel,

Secure under the fold of precious arms,

A way to go and a way to guide.


*Missing dearly, a place called “Home.”







Smile for me!

Don’t be but so cross,

Like you mean, am so gross,

But smile, please for me,

That’s  happiest ever,

Like it’s ever meant to be.


Don’t stare, but look,

With your caring eyes,

See the truth, feeling me,

The eagerness inside me,

Catching me in sweetest soul.


Don’t break, but the only heart,

Who caught you mesmerized,

Beautiful, in a youthful charm,

Dazzling, so angel in nature,

Can’t keep my sore eyes away.


Smile for me,

The lovely smile ever,

Take me by a surprise,

As if you wanted,

Everything like me, ever!