I have seen your tears

of the sorrow you bear,

Hurt, in pain;

a bleeding heart

Dribbled by the loved


Autumn Leaves


Glory - autumn leaves

Thank you for following my blog. You all have been amazing. This is for you guys. I am trying to get back to writing.  Thank you! 🙂


Wretched Mind

I am torn. Torn by the wretched mind.
Good thoughts, bad thoughts. It’s one of a kind.
Tug of war. Good and evil. No, no solution did I find.
Trouble, trouble. It has me blind.
Vacillating thoughts, do you mind?
Give me peace. Don’t let me grind.


Oh trusted friend,
Give me thine heart,
Be the moon in my hour of darkness,
How kind thee, faithful and free,
Thou art my friend, how can I tell?
The sorrows deep within,
Boundless as ocean, as vast as mountains,
Can hold no more,
This ghastly storms of emotions,
I am left hazy eyed,
As you roar away to a faraway place.
How I wish to smile once more,
HELD in the warm embrace of thy heart,
I am wretched.

Disdained I look away finding ridiculous,
THE tears rolling away as easily as water,
For I know I will miss you all the more.
FAREWELL, oh trusted friend,
How I wish to be in your warm embrace,
TO TELL ME it’s okay, everything will be all right,
WHEN life knocks you down you are going to get up.
FAREWELL TO THEE, my friend,
In your trust, I found my solace,
IN YOUR BELIEF, I rise up,
IN your Kindness, I find PEACE,
IN your laughter, I found MINE,
WHERE shall I get once you are gone?

Au revoir: until we meet again!

I can see your smile,
From a distant mile,
Just as you know,
I like to show,
Every bits of me,
Everything that I can be,
When around you.

Memories are etched,
Yet you are going,
Will become far-fetched,
Without seeing,
Gone will be you,
Faraway and will be true.

Yet I will live with hope,
Until we meet again,
Shall keep you in my heart,
Forever, till the end!

Seasons change!

Season change, leaves wither,
Flowers wilt, soon it dies,
However beautiful may be,
In a fleeting moment,
It breathe it’s last,
So shall we,
Warriors and conqueror of the world,
When time comes, we too shall,
Leave this land, this place called home,
Once dear will be forgotten,
What is yours shall not be yours,
But you shall have these memories,
The good and the bad,
So shall we say the eulogy,
How you lead your life?
This is not so bad,
Lets cultivate some virtues,
While we can still change,
And be the virtuoso,
We are always meant to be!